October 14, 2010

Poolbeg Incinerator & Berties Cronies

MKC seems to link Bertie and his Beamish Men to the Poolbeg Incinerator:
  • Bertie, 
  • RTE, 
  • Irish Times, 
  • Irish Independent, 
  • Irish Press (defunct; FF rag; cheated Irish-American investors), 
  • Covanta, 
  • Bank of Ireland, 
  • Dublin City Council (via MKC Client Covanta), 
  • Engineers Ireland, 
  • RPS (via MKC Client Engineers Ireland, and DCC. Add Bord Pleanala), 
  • Fine Gael, 
  • PDs (Harney)
  • US Ambassador via MKC Client US Chamber of Commerce.

The following images based on Village magazine may need to printed or viewed on a large screen.  Read Village Magazine for a backgrounder.


Sources: Village Magazine, October 2010.  Politics.ie


The Poolbeg Incinerator cabal seems to be of the same culture of inbred cronyism which bankrupted Ireland through Anglo-Irish Bank and the DDDA.    Abramovich from the Aluminum Wars of 100 murders wants his money back.  The Drumcondra Mafia is trembling.  Is that why fearless FF is pulling the Anglo-Irish-Bank con on the Irish people to the tune of €90,000 per family?

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