September 6, 2011

Labour's Parody Is The Big Lie?

“I am driven by the need to help people” 
- Labour's Newsfour August Edition Quoting Cllr Parodi "without a hint" of parody.

However isn't suppressing a truthful image of the Poolbeg Incinerator itself a parody?  

But what is a Parody?  Is a Parodi a Big Lie?  Or is a parody a Big Lie?  Or did Cllr Parodi just follow orders from the men?

Once upon a time at a 2010  Poolbeg Incinerator meeting in Ringsend Community Centre an Irish Labour Party councillor requested an accurate image of the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator supposedly to help the cause.    All to educate the population, countering the cynically lying images published by faceless Dublin City Council time-servers, the one-time friends of De Bert.  The false incinerator images from DCC are lapped up by lazy churnalists at RTE and in the newspapers.   This is part of DCC/RPS's €35 million campaign of Big Lies.  Judge McKechnie strongly condemned DCC's misleading use of materiel manufactured by RPS, the spin-bill for which now exceeds €35 million of taxpayer money.

Months after the Ringsend Community Centre meeting and waiting for Labour to use its massive city-wide resources it seemed nothing was happening.   Meanwhile Labour's honourable TD's and Councillors delivered tree-loads of expensive fully photoshopped colour flyers to each and every house in the wards before the election, during the election and now after the election.   Shiny teeth everywhere, American politicial science.  Mention of the incinerator was obvious by its more or less total omission.  Blind three legged dogs, missing a tail, answering to the name Lucky, got higher priority from the ward-heelers.   Curiously, once enthusiastic Cllr Parodi refused multiple opportunities to explore why she did not proceed as she indicated she would, to educate her constituents on the visual vandalism the proposed incinerator will do to Dublin Bay.  

There was the smell of a cute wee hoor about, a smell you can not photoshop away.

Why were the people of  Ringsend apparently parodied? 

  • Did the older men in Labour allow the councillor with the the "killer high heels" to "play golf" with Covanta to match the millions raised by Fine Gael's golf-pro and now environment minister Hogan?
  • Who besides then TD and now Minister Quinn did Covanta meet with before the election?  And why?  
  • How about, I am driven by the need to help people ... to suppress educating the electorate about the Poolbeg Incinerator?
  • Any chance of de Deppitty Lord Mayor t'ing?

Nobody knows for shure, for shure.  It's all speculation.  Draw the dots yourself.   Interrogate Echelon.  Ask the dogs in the street.

But perhaps you should just ask Cllr Parodi who is now Dublin’s newly elected Depitty Mayor Parodi, a fiefdom where Labour councillors control the majority of votes (Dublin mayors are not elected by citizens).  You might not get an answer, a Florida International University best practice.   (Cllr Parodi uses Newsfour to say she graduated from FIU.  FIU is ranked #247 by guidance counselors from America's best high schools.  FIU Political Science Dept failed to be ranked).

Only for fun ask about Cllr Parodi's now politically correct "killer high heels"and "tiny frame" as highlighted in Labour's Newsfour freesheet funded by corrupt FÁS.  Read the Capital Gain article.  Then ask about Capitalist Tools.  

For light entertainment ask about Covanta violations, the New Jersey mob's revenue sources,  and Italian-Americans, and continuous dioxin pollution from Covanta incinerators in New Jersey and in Connecticut.  Watch Gomorrah.

Jobs Lies
Covanta, with an unlawful record of continuous dioxin violations cheaply paid off, and DCC are taking advantage of the Fianna-Gael Foreign Bank Bailout by using Jobs to try TO divert attention from the proposed incinerator.  Large taxpayer funded pensions loom for the honourable TDs and Ministers, no matter how many hospital beds are closed.     

Perhaps if there is any money left in Ireland after exporting €900 million to Covanta-Luxembourg the hospitals will  create loads of Jobs to treat people with diseases caused by dioxin air pollution violations.   Financed from the offshore bank account in Luxembourg where Covanta will stash the €900 million safely out of reach of Uncle Sam's 45% corporate tax rate.

Cllr Parodi is cynically on-board with the Jobs Big Lie in Newsfour - no mention of the 400 fired when the IGB glass recycling factory in Ringsend was terminated by friends of Fianna-Gael.


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