September 7, 2011

No, Seriously, Why Did A New Jersey-Based Waste Company Employ Phil Hogan’s Golf Buddy?



You may have missed, as we did, this story last Thursday.

Arthur French (above), property developer, auctioneer and a former second row (at a guess) and an advisor to Covanta Energy, the American company wishing to build an inicinerator in Poolbeg.

What does Arthur know about garbage?
 Who knows but he is a friend of Environment minister Phil Hogan. Another golfing pal. They once played with Tiger Woods and Mary McAleese’s husband in a four-ball sponsored by Arthur’s company, French Estates.

Anyway, on July 8 (the last day of the Dail term), Phil dropped a levy on incineration [that had been] proposed by John Gormley.

It was among a number of demands being sought by Covanta.

Everyone denies everything.

Bada bing, as they say in the New Jersey municipal waste industry.  And that’s that.

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