April 7, 2008

Fair & Balanced, €18 Million in PR: Dublin Bay Incinerator

Dong-Covanta View at Cock Lake.
South Bull, Dublin Bay.

  • Dublin City Council (DCC) has used Irish tax-payer money to promote business development for foreign companies.

  • DCC has imposed financial penalties on Irish citizens.

Irish Aid organisations recommend not giving money to governments. There is no need to travel 3,000 miles to see why.

Dublin City Council has spent in excess of €18 million of taxpayer money to promote 20th century technology on behalf of foreign companies
(Covanta-USA, Dong-Denmark). In addition, Treasury Holdings gains
perhaps €40 million in the form of heating for flats at a remote location, a wonderfull "local community gain". Barefaced, DCC says the exact details are commercially proprietary and not available to the same taxpayers.

Along with other apparently sub-optimal behaviours, Dublin City Council penalises members of the public who seek to obtain data on the incinerator by charging large fees for data the public has already funded.

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Anonymous said...

April 21, 2008.

RTE Radio reported Treasury Holdings made payments to Fianna Fail TD for Dublin South East, Chris Andrews.

The TD junkmailed the area with a 6 page colour flyer. This totally omitted any mention of the incinerator but did show the important photo-op where the TD cleaned up some cigarette buts along a canal.