April 7, 2008

Revolving Doors At EPA, ABP, Indaver, RPS: Dublin Bay Incinerator.

Brown envelopes are not needed. Just provide "career opportunities" to the public servants. Have a nice day.

Who Needs Brown Envelopes?

Covanta Employs Ex-EPA Employee
Monday April 7, 2008

Gilman's newly created role as chief sustainability officer is effective Monday. He has also been named a senior vice president of the waste and energy services company.

Gilman served as assistant administrator for research and development at the Environmental Protection Agency.

He has also held positions at the National Academy of Sciences, the Energy Department and the White House Office of Management and Budget.



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Friday, May 23, 2008

TAOISEACH BRIAN Cowen has decided to abandon the party's controversial Galway Tent Races fundraiser,
- an annual gathering of some of the country's richest property developers and building firm owners.


For 15 years, the Galway tent has been one of the party's most high- profile fundraisers, though in recent years it has brought much negative publicity - particularly as allegations of payments to politicians mounted.

In the past, the tent was the home during Galway race week for many of the best-known developers, including Michael Bailey, who made a €25 million settlement with the Revenue Commissioners after his tribunal appearances in Dublin Castle.
The event was run by Des Richardson, one of Mr Ahern's closest friends, who appeared before the Mahon tribunal this week to face questions about the purchase of Mr Ahern's St Luke's constituency office.

Cowen abandons Fianna Fáil tent at Galway Races

MARK HENNESSY, Political Correspondent

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No really Frankie,
you keep the f*#kin' money!"