April 7, 2008

Property Report - An example of DCC Credibility.

US Census Data is Contradicted by Dublin City Council Spam.

DCC produced curious and very sub-optimal expert reports at great tax-payer expense, including one curious report on property values, allegedly based on research. The data for this is as visible as presidential election results in Zimbabwe. Like Mugabe's re-election team, DCC had the brass-neck to say other reports lack statistical rigour.

Such a curious, selective and non-quantitative report on property tends to undermine public confidence in DCC and in the more challenging scientific opinions presented by DCC at a cost of €18 million of taxpayer funds.

It was no surprise to observe at least one of DCC's reports being shown to be a fiasco at the Bord Pleanala Oral Hearing.

Where is the data?
  • Curiously, the fundamental data used to produce the eye-candy charts and the commentary for the DCC Property Values report seems to have been omitted from DCC’s psuedo-website.
  • Does the data exist?
  • Why keep it from the public who have already paid for it?
Only a skeletal precis allegedly based on the missing data was belatedly made available to the public. Following requests, DCC produced no data even after May 1, 2007 at 18:00. This appears to be the classic Big Lie technique.

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