December 11, 2008

Does Covanta Have Something To Hide?

Extracts from Open Letter to Members of Irish Trade Unions, Community Activists, and Public Officials Concerning Covanta Energy

In May 2008, employees at Covanta’s incinerator in Rochester, Massachusetts voted in a government supervised election for representation by our union. Since that election, management has frustrated meaningful bargaining by proposing numerous intolerable contract demands, including:
  • A rule broadly forbidding employees from providing “information” about the Company to “media representatives, governmental officials or other person,” including any “external attorney” or “investigator,” without management’s prior approval.
  • We believe these policies improperly coerce workers from speaking out against any concerns they may have about ... the company’s operations.

Thank you for your support, and please contact us for more information about Covanta Energy.

Campaign for Justice for Covanta Workers × 120 Bay State Drive × Braintree, Mass., USA 02184 × × 781.848.3740 (ph) × 781.848.4108 (fx) × October 2008

Connolly Letter to Tony Orlando

Tony Orlando is not to be confused in any way with Tony Soprano, another New Jersey waste business operator.

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