December 3, 2008

Green Party calls for removal of EPA director

Green Party calls for removal of EPA director due to unresolvable conflict of interest

Issued: 27 August 2004

The Green Party has today [August 2004] called for the removal of Environmental Protection Agency director, Ms Laura Burke, due to an unresolvable conflict of interest.

Ms Burke was formerly project manager for Indaver Ireland's planned incinerators at Ringaskiddy, County Cork and Carranstown, County Meath.

'Green Party Leader Trevor Sargent TD said today that, Ms Burke's position is no longer tenable. The fact that Ms Burke will not be allowed to attend the EPA board meeting, which will decide on the Ringaskiddy incinerator, only highlights the ongoing conflict of interest created by her appointment to the EPA. Her role as director utterly compromises the position of the EPA as a body seen by the public as being independent and impartial.

Ms Burke clearly should not have been appointed and should not continue. Apart from her lack of credibility in environmental protection arising from her previous role as a promoter of incineration, she effectively denies a more suitable expert a place on the EPA board. As a result, we now have a weaker EPA and a more vulnerable environment.

Minister Cullen has made a series of appointments to the executive board of the EPA which show all too clearly that he sees the Agency as protecting the interests of business, with environmental protection being given a very low priority.

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