December 15, 2008

Flying Pig At Poolbeg Incinerator.

BIFFO: Big Incinerator Fellow Feels Offal.

The flying pig says a “no effect level” has yet to be established for dioxins.


There Is No Safe Level for Dioxins (US EPA, 2004).

In its 2004 revision about dioxins the United States Environmental Protection Agency states:

"For certain effects,
including subtle behavioral impacts,
a “no effect level” has yet to be established."

In plain English this conclusion by the United States Environmental Protection Agency translates into:



email: said...

Wed, 12/10/2008 - 16:12 — bmw 528

The Federal EPA under Bushco is a fraud and a joke--little more than extension of profit obsessed Corporate America who would willingly trade away the beauty of our land for a few pieces of silver and greater EPS.

The cowards who perpetuated this fraud should be made to either live in the nest that the fouled or clean it up themselves.

Anonymous said...

"it is about time that ... Government, ... stops dancing to the tune of developers and big bankers"

"I reject ... that we are motivated by anything other than the public good ...," responded BIFFO.

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January 08 2009

TONY Gregory was many things but a hyprocrite he was not.

So when he said from beyond the grave yesterday he didn't want his funeral to become a photo opportunity for politicians, quite a few of them squirmed in their seats.