January 25, 2010

'Chemical Ali' executed in Iraq

Chemical Ali's final death sentence came on January 17th for Halabja, when the Iraqi army used poison gas against Kurds. Around 5,000 people were believed to have been killed.   

Meanwhile in Dublin, Ireland, an Incinerator at Poolbeg producing effectively unmonitored microparticles, cynically unmonitored dioxins and cosmetically sampled chemicals could reduce life expectancy by 100,000 man-years. Each persons life is crippled by bad health for months to years.  That's perhaps crudely equivalent to 125 deaths per year for each of the Poolbeg Incinerator's first 15 years.  Not quite as bad as Chemical Ali, but check out the ethics policy of Inselaffe Engineers Ireland. 

Meanwhile in Dublin a pillar of society from Cavan, a long cowpat away from Sandymount's foreshore and seabirds, and whose firm's truth is massaged by Dublin Council (Judge McKechnie) spins:

 There is no credible evidence that modern incinerators impose any risk to health.
Director, RPS Group,

Engineers Ireland Vice President 

 No credible evidence?   Does PJ Rudden deserves a banana in the The Banana Bar?     Perhaps PJ used the Banana Bar's dexterity to inform the contract - perhaps not?  

 RPS is paid by unelected officials in Dublin Council to promote the Poolbeg Incinerator.  RPS's statement was issued a full two months after DCC's partner Covanta was again fined for seriously breaking the law in America.  Judge McKechnie has stated in an unproved judgement that DCC massaged RPS reports and unduly influenced a public process.  

Doesn't breaking the law and polluting the air kill people or damage their health no matter how "modern" the waste-to-toxins incinerator?


Bord Pleanála acknowledges that the current air pollution burden in Poolbeg from PM-10 air pollution particles is already at the dangerous level of 50 µg/m3.  A Poolbeg Incinerator will increase air pollution above 50 µg/m3, increasing the number of deaths from heart problems and possibly from various cancers.

For Ringsend/Poolbeg the existing air pollution level causes the risk of death from deep vein thrombosis to be ten to twenty times higher than in a relatively clean-air suburb (see chart: read this science).   Added air pollution from an incinerator will increase the relative death risk towards the 20 to 40 times higher level.

Politicians have ignored the science, ignored the scientists in Bord Pleanala and EPA-Ireland, recklessly sidelined Health Impact Reports and decided Poolbeg is an excellent location for further toxic air pollution from a Waste-To-Toxics incinerator!  It's a safe bet the politicians did this via the director level political cronies they appointed to Bord Pleanala and in EPA.   

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