January 20, 2010

Dublin's Poolbeg Incinerator to Kill 2,500 Jobs

If Dublin's Poolbeg Incinerator goes ahead will it kill 2,500 jobs in genuine re-cycling industries?

That's in addition to the 400 recycling jobs killed at Irish Glass Bottle by the DDDA and NAMA scams.  

Just in Poolbeg, the DDDA-inspired NAMA scams have already created Irish taxpayer liabilities of between €3 Billion to €5 Billion in NAMA bonds.  The financial recklessness has created thousands of Irish emigrants, and caused the export of new ideas, killing more thousands of jobs.

New Jersey's Toni Soprano Orlando is already laughing.  After all, Italian-Americans know how to profit from failed states, with Mafia help.  Ask the gangs of New York, Giuliani or Tammany Hall or former boot-legger Joe Kennedy.

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Anonymous said...

As in 1916 The Irish Times is bought and paid for by the British Occupiers/Green-FF government.

Nevertheless they sometimes report facts, even their Dublin Corpo kow-tow-ing Kelly "reporter" who normally just reprints press releases was debased to report some facts ...


The Irish Times - Wednesday, January 20, 2010
2,500 jobs 'to go' if incinerator is built at Poolbeg

About 2,500 jobs will be lost if the incinerator at Poolbeg in Dublin is constructed, the Irish Waste Management Association (IWMA) has told an Oireachtas environment committee, writes Olivia Kelly

The association, which claims to represent about 95 per cent of private waste management companies, said the 600,000 tonne capacity incinerator would “wipe out alternatives” to incineration, and cost jobs in the waste industry.

“More than 1,000 jobs will be lost directly and immediately once the tap is turned off to alternatives. We’re probably talking about 2,500 people in direct and indirect jobs being laid off . . . ” IWMA spokesman Brendan Keane said.

The incinerator would “suck up” waste that private operators were recycling now, Mr Keane said.