January 15, 2010

Reputation of the Engineering Profession in Ireland: RPS & Dublin Council

Dublin City Council has spent more than €20 million on a paid-for RPS "expert planner" and for other paid-for consultants (total spent is €120 million on a white elephant, before any construction).  

An "ex" RPS employee is on the board of Bord Pleanala which is curious but not illegal in The Republic of Ireland.  EPA has "ex" incinerator business employees at Director level.  Now that Mr Twomey has retired what will he do next?

RPS is also paid to support mega-billions-Shell against the honest and jailed local farmers in Mayo.  Possibly under an alias RPS had a hand in the design of the incompetently managed sewage factory in Poolbeg which last week was again pumping out acrid chemicals across Irishtown Nature Reserve. 

What is RPS doing to the reputation of the Engineering Profession in Ireland by standing over cynically 'massaged' reports?  How can RPS-Ireland stake the international reputation of RPS on 'massaged' reports written not necessarily in the public interest?  Does it matter the reports are officially the work of Dublin Council?  RPS's logo is all over the reports.  On TV, RPS has made curious remarks about the Judge but that of course is self defence and not interference in the due process.

  • Will the ethics of Ireland's Engineers now be grouped alongside Bishops, Priests, Bankers, Planners and other cute wee hoors?

"Massaging of reports by Matt Twomey, which were later, in their edited versions, released publicly, is a strong indicator to me of unacceptable influence in a process supposedly carried out in the public interest,"  McKechnie said in his 'unapproved' judgment.  [Sunday Business Post]

 Poolbeg Incinerator Hearing, Croke Park, April 2007.

Totally Credible Paid-For RPS-Planning-Expert Reading 
Another Twomey "Massaged" Expert Report?

The IWMA pointed to the findings of independent consultants which highlighted that the consequences of building an oversized incinerator at Poolbeg would include a reduction in recycling and the loss of jobs.


Anonymous said...

RPS: Reliable Producers of Spin.

Reputation Phucked by Spin.

Anonymous said...

Only the truth?

When referencing Stockholm as "European Green Capital City" its omitted that paid-to-be pro-incineration RPS decided the "award".

RPS Director judges European Green Capital City Award.
Engineers Journal, October 2008
The article announces that P. J. Rudden, RPS director, will judge the European Green Capital City award in 2008. The city which has a consistent record of achieving high environmental standards and sustainable development will receive the award. Rudden will judge the waste production and management as well as water consumption and wastewater treatment in applicant cities.
Excerpt from Article:

Engineers Journal I Volume 62: Issue 8 October 2008