January 10, 2010

Dublin Council & Gormley Double Act On Poolbeg Incinerator

Protecting The Peoples Money?

Will Mr Gormley explain why he actively omitted the Poolbeg Incinerator from the Green Party summit on the Lisbon Treaty in Sept/Oct 2009? 

Ringsend was divided from Sandymount in the recent political gerrymander supervised by Mr Gormley's government.  This seriously and cynically weakened the voice of local people.   Will Mr Gormley now continue to deploy fired green councillors in Ringsend to waste honest residents time, effort and limited attention spans with cynically fake incinerator demos?  Why has Mr Gormley's Green Party - professional communicators - not educated the one million people of Dublin about the health threats from the incinerator?

It would appear that Dublin City Council's alleged city manager Mr T. and Irish Environment Minister Gormley are performing a double act.  Mr T. seems to pull items out of hats to which Mr Gormley then strenuously objects.  All very convenient and curious.

Mr Gormley will be able to waffle that he is restricted by the Department of Finance and the NAMA scams, and did you know drivers in Freiburg fitted snow wheels and he is so sorry and yes he does not know where the Transport Minister is with the country paralysed by ice.

The items pulled out of DCC's hats are curious.  Are they another patriotic scheme designed to extort the residents of Dublin?  In December Mr T. or another DCC agent released cynically with-held information, not unlike the practice of the Catholic Hierarchy or Dublin Docklands Developers Autocracy (DDDA) or Anglo-Irish Bank.  DCC disclosed its latest brass-necked financial ploy against taxpayers: build the incinerator or the secret contract Dublin City Council employees agreed with New Jersey's Covanta will cost taxpayers €120 million in penalties.  What sort of honest fool employing expensive legal help writes contracts like that?  And if the writers were not fools why did they donate the peoples' money to New Jersey's waste entrepreneur, Covanta?

Additional penalties of €28 million per year are promised by DCC if there is too much recycling, or if otherwise there is not enough waste for the the waste-to-toxins incinerator as written in the curious contract.  Is this extortion of taxpayers?

To pay for half of the €28 million apparent extortion, Mr T. or another DCC employee has decided to impose waste charges on the poorest in Dublin - to the tune of €8 million per year.  Covanta's Tony Soprano Orlando is paid about €3 million annually.

The value of Mr T's public service pension is no doubt 'confidential', unlike in Dublin's twin city of San Jose (Silicon Valley).  A good guess is that Mr T's pension has a capitalised value of €2 million.  

Dublin City Council uses the curious services of Olivia Kelly of The Irish Times, a once trustworthy rag.  The reporter seems to publish DCC press releases more or less verbatim, and certainly not critically.  A great example of this cooperation is the reporting of the EPA hearing, a cosmetic hearing conducted by  EPA, the state agency condemned by the Green Party.

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