January 20, 2010

McNama Meets Russian Mafia

Totally unproven sources and honest 'non-national' shoe-polishers say Ireland's McNama is meeting Russian Mafia debt holders south of Malaga at Benalmadena in the 5 star.

The Stalin-Hitler screwed Poles have sold their debts for McNama Windows 2007 P.O.S. to the Russians. 

The Russian Mafia  already uses Chelsea Football Club for good spin - with buddy Putin the Chelsea Crew has already murdered all managers in the Russian aluminium industry (about 150 heads).   Paddy developers and extractors of taxpayer cash need to be aware of Russian methods.  After Alaska the Russians are not to be fooled with by Gormleys and Biffos and buyers of windows from Poland on credit.

Irish media reports a local Poolbeg-Irish-ShrewsBuriedRoad €2 Billion bankrupt is in Malaga.  The mafia mixed all the concrete on The Costa - thats why it's such a paradise.  If true, the speculator is truly a total fool. At least thats the defence before the corruption committee (2095).

Because We Are Worth It.

Toni Orlando Soprano buried Russians in the woods near Covanta's HQ.    Covanta has used total-truth CBRE of Incinerator Hearings truth-fame to front up for a new 300,000 square foot Covanta building in the garden state.  

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