November 5, 2009

Attempted Extortion of Public by Dublin City Council - Poolbeg Incinerator.

In 2007 Dublin City Council signed a secret contract with a New Jersey outfit called Covanta. This secret contract was signed by unelected officials who saw fit to do a back-room deal with US citizens and saw fit to exclude the people of Ireland.

As expected DCC is now using this "we are where we are" contract to blackmail and to extort the residents of Ireland.  The 2007 yes-man in the DCC management position has retired on a secret and presumably lucrative public-service-pension to be replaced by the newest yes-man, a yes-man who again seems to ignore the voters of Dublin City and their elected councillors and TDs.

Draw your own conclusions from this apparent extortion attempt by the hierarchy at Dublin City Council:

Dublin City Council has insisted the project will go ahead, warning that if it pulls out of a contract with private companies Covanta and DONG to develop the facility the taxpayer will lose millions of euro in a breach of contract lawsuit.
The public-servants' pensions are protected from any penalties which may be caused by the curious contract. 

There is no clause in the contract to pay for health services - its estimated incinerators cause a significant number of premature deaths [100,000 man-years of lost life each 15 years].


Does the Incineration Industry in Ireland pay any ex-EPA Ireland Directors for "consulting"?
How many incineration-industry-employees have been positioned into EPA-Ireland?

Payments to political parties in the USA by Covanta employees are disclosed on USA websites - the German Chemical Industry Lobby in Brussels ensures there is no similar disclosure in Europe. 

Covanta hides behind an offshore legal firewall in Luxembourg.  Covanta has been fined for dioxins releases at ALL of its incinerators in one US state and for literally thousands of other pollution releases. 

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