November 28, 2009

Covanta Exploits Child Rape Day

Waste To Toxins Industry Meeting - New Jersey

Covanta requested the construction permit for the Poolbeg Incinerator on the day of Publication of the Irish Child Rape Report.

November 26, 2009:  Government published Child Rape Report 
  • November 26:  Media totally focused on Child rape.
  • November 26:  Covanta requested construction permit for Poolbeg Incinerator.
  • November 26:  After waiting patiently for 330 days, Dublin Diocese Developers Autocracy,  DDDA chose Child Rape Day to publish its dodgy 2008 accounts.

November 27, 2009:  Media still totally focused on Child rape.
  • November 27:  Dublin City Council granted final permission for Covanta's waste-to-toxins incinerator.

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