November 30, 2009

Footnote on Abusing Working Class Ringsend

"Poolbeg" is a handy euphemism for Ringsend and Sandymount.  It is noteworthy that "Poolbeg" has apparently been targeted for degradation by Dublin City Council & DDDA, with Ringsend also targeted for abuse by the Catholic Church.  A pedophile priest was transferred to working class Ringsend via working class Donnycarney after deep initiations in Wicklow.

The hierarchies of these organisations seem to practice a contempt for their flocks.  They flock the flock.

Institutions such as Dublin Port Company, Dublin City Council, Dublin Developers Autocracy DDDA, EPA and Bord Pleanala are apparently openly acknowledged to be stacked with friends-of-friends of Barftholemew.  DCC and Zoe Developments have even used the same lawyer (absolutely legally of course).    DCC's 'independent' adviser has a former employee placed onto the board of Bord Pleanala.  ETC.

With some exceptions the walls of obstructionism, stunts, spin and possibly even outright lies, red herring 'reports' and legal threats are fronted by local politicians.

Bad Joke Of The Day:  Enron's auditors Arthur Anderson Consulting have not been rebranded by the hierarchy as Assenture or Assenter.

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