November 3, 2009

DDDA Autocracy Sued For Planning Permission Diktat

Unproven Millionaire's Allegation


Winning It On De Horses.
Galway Races, 2006.

Here's a seductive offer from the DDDA Dublin Developers Autocracy for all de honest brickies in the land:
  • Plan A: We'll give you planning permission, bypassing our honest directors at Bord Pleanála.
  • Plan B: And if that doesn't work you can sue The Little People.

Mr McNamara is now suing the DDDA because they apparently promised to give him planning permission ('fast track section-25 permission' bypassing Bord Pleanála' to keep out the little people).  If true this is more evidence of DDDA's contempt for the taxpayers of Dublin.

Yvonne Farrell of Grafton Architects is on DDDA's board.  Her business partner is the sister of Bernard McNamara.

"I wrote to the Chair of the Authority in August 2009 re-affirming my continued support for the Authority’s work".

This was shortly after a possibly scapegoated-CEO was fired by DDDA's alleged governance expert. This alleged governance expert is the marriage partner of the PD's failed leader - a failed party which promotes the PD's Poolbeg-Manhattan money-racket.

If DDDA did promise planning permission - and why doubt Mr McNamara - then DDDA did act illegally (ultra vires in the insiders special language).  DDDA's record includes giving illegal or ultra vires planning permission to its masters in Anglo Irish Bank for a glorious Anglo HQ just a stone's throw from Sheriff Street.

The real question is who is in the secret cartel giving directions behind the scenes to DDDA, NAMA, Anglo-Irish Bank, Green-FF and the rest of the patriots. 

Hint: Follow the NAMA money bailouts disguised in Enron best-practice Special Purpose Entities designed to cook the accounts of Ireland.

DDDA will cease to exist after Green-FF sets up NAMA to complete their masterpiece of treason.

DDDA Footnotes:

"Affordable Housing" is suddenly getting high class billing on DDDAs website.  DDDA or its unseen masters appoints Councillors to its opaque governing structure.  How many Councillors has DDDA bought using the Tammany Hall promise of votes for cheap housing? 

Recently DDDA ran what appears to be a sham public consultation process on its future scheming for a toxic dump in eastern Dublin, dressed up as "Poolbeg".   


€412m site now valued at €60m and subject of major court case


Tuesday November 03 2009

DEVELOPER Bernard McNamara is suing the Dublin Docklands Development Authority for €108.4m over the €412m purchase of the Irish Glass Bottle site.
In a legal action that will bring together some of the key players at the height of the property boom, the builder claims he had no interest in buying the site because he believed it was not possible to generate a profit from it.
Mr McNamara bought the site with financier Derek Quinlan and the DDDA in 2006, at the height of the property boom, for €412m.
It is now believed to be valued at just €60m.
Mr McNamara admitted yesterday that he is facing potential claims of more than €108m over a deal to buy the site.
He revealed in court affidavits how he was approached by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority three years ago to enter into a joint venture with the state body to buy the site which has been mired in controversy.
Mr McNamara says that he was approached by Paul Maloney, the former chief executive of the DDDA, in October 2006 to jointly bid for the site.

He claims he had no interest in the venture until certain representations about the site, including an alleged assurance that the DDDA could "fast-track" any planning permission to develop the Dublin 4 land. 

However, last year the High Court ruled that the agency had acted outside of its powers by fast-tracking permission for another docklands development at North Wall Quay.
Now Mr McNamara has brought a legal action against the DDDA over the Irish Glass Bottle site purchase.

He claims the DDDA was never entitled to enter into a November 2006 agreement involving him (McNamara) and Mr Quinlan

Following last year's High court ruling, Mr McNamara alleges that the DDDA is now unable to perform its obligations and had therefore frustrated the ability of Mr McNamara and others to develop the site, meaning very substantial losses for them.

Mr McNamara claims he faces potential claims totalling €108m on foot of loans raised from Anglo Irish Bank and private investors with Davy Property Holdings Ltd, and on the basis of guarantees given by him related to those loans.

The proceedings by Mr McNamara, of Ailesbury Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin, and his company Donatex Ltd, of Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin, were admitted to the Commercial Court yesterday.
In his case, Mr McNamara claims the Dublin Port Company and South Wharf plc had in September 2006 advertised the site for sale by tender.
It was the largest site to become available for development in Dublin 4 for years, he said.
He claims then DDDA chief executive Paul Maloney had approached him a month later about becoming involved.
He claims Mr Maloney had meetings with him and made several representations, including that the DDDA could procure a route for the Luas to the bottle site.

He also claims he was promised that the DDDA, as the planning authority for the area, could "fast-track" any application for permission for development without the planning risk of third-party observations or An Bord Pleanala appeals.

Mr McNamara claims that , as a result of such representations, he later indicated he would be prepared to consider a joint bid with the DDDA for the site. Becbay Ltd was later incorporated and used by himself and the DDDA to bid for the site. 

Mempal Ltd, a company controlled by developer Derek Quinlan, also later acquired an interest in Becbay.
In late January 2007, Becbay's tender was accepted and it acquired the site for €412m, with funds from various sources. 

The funds included €288m from Anglo Irish Bank -- later converted into a joint facility provided by Anglo and Allied Irish Bank.

Irish Independent

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