November 25, 2009

Good Day To Bury Bad News - Dublin Docklands Developers Autocracy

Don't Ask.  Never Tell.

Updated Nov 26 and Nov 27: DDDA and DCC bad news Announcements!

When will Dublin Docklands Developers Autocracy finally choose to publish the DDDA "Accounts" for 2008?

DDDA is only a few hundred days late.  Without the parish's acknowledged governance expert on-board as a face-saver for Green-FF they could obstruct forever.

Will the cooked accounts good news be published in the week with all of the following?
  • Reports on Systemic Rape of young boys by The Christian Brothers?
  • Cork & Galway Washed Away by Unprecedented Floods?
  • X-Factor Kicks Out Jedward?
  • The Hand of Frog Thierry Henry?
  • 250,000 Gardai, Teachers and Nurses on Strike [because DDDA and NAMA have stolen their pay rises for reasons of systemic importance]?

UPDATE-1.  NOVEMBER 26, 2009.

After delaying for hundreds of days why did DDDA carefully choose November 26, 2009, to publish its allegedly accurate accounts for Dec 30, 2008?   This is a job that credible €100 Billion corporations like HP or IBM can do 3 weeks after the financial year closes. 

Here are the top headlines for Nov 26:

UPDATE-2.  NOVEMBER 27, 2009.

The fast movers in Dublin City Council are now in on DDDA's good-day-to-bury-bad-news game.  With the airwaves full of stories of child rape the hierarchy of Dublin City Council has announced that the crew from New Jersey will start building the Poolbeg Incinerator on December 14, 2009.  

Mr John Gormley is washing his hands and acting like the disgraced Archbishops - doing nothing.

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