November 16, 2009

Dublin Docklands Lies

 Dublin Docklands Developers Autocracy's biggest site lies on Sandymount Strand.

The autocracy says it got involved at the €450 million IGB site because members of the local community had urged it to.
- Example of DDDA Bare-Faced 'Spin'. Published Whilst 2008 Accounts Are Being Cooked to Hide Write-off of €450 Million.   

The DDDA autocracy seems to be allowed to hide behind the Feedom of Information act whilst publishing spin about what they are really scheming up.  The DDDA's 2008 accounts would appear to be extremely shady as they have now been cooking for a full eleven months! All with a "Governance Expert" as Chairman in charge of this example of information obstruction!  Credible companies publish truthful accounts two weeks after the quarter closes.

With the same unseen masters it's likely NAMA will operate to the same high governance standards as DDDA: the Special Purpose Vehicle designed to cook the national accounts, Enron-style, is a strong indicator that the Fools & Crooks culture will continue, this time rigging house prices for a generation and emptying little-peoples' pockets to the tune of €99.9 Billion.

 DDDAs IGB Glass Bottle Site Lies On Sandymount Strand

DDDA's shell game on Sandymount Strand at the IGB and Fabrizia sites will directly cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of Euro - shutting hospital wards, cutting medicines, cutting medical personnel pay  - whilst their buddies plan to pollute the environment with the Poolbeg Incinerator, shortening life expectancy across Dublin.



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