November 23, 2009

Attempted Theft of GAA Property by Dublin Docklands Authority?

DDDA's Repurbishment of Sandymount Strand

Friend's Of Bertie Hand Out The Kings Shilling

To be a player with the big boys DDDA tried to ape the behaviours of property speculators.  Nevertheless DDDA's officials still get mocked by Dublin Developers (Harry C.,  RTE, Nov 21, 2009).

DDDA knows you can't just steal a public beach.  First you have to designate it to be a sports field.  Nobody can contest the worthiness of sports fields in socially deprived areas.  Especially not the patriotic property repurbishmenters who move house from Ailesbury Road to Paris with €300 million or to Geneva with €100 million.

Once upon a time AIB curiously came into possession of a formerly public beach in Sandymount which AIB spinmeisters labelled as a 'sports pitch'.  The now bankrupt banksters at AIB 'sold' the sports pitch in 1999 to a now bankrupt property speculator, financed by Ulster Bank.  This now privately owned site on the Sandymount Foreshore is known as 'Fabrizia'.  DDDA's latest chairman used to work for Ulster Bank and apparently this formal relationship has officially stopped.  NAMA has rescued the AIB bank and will rescue a new improved Fabrizia speculator with your tax money (closing hospitals).   Bankrupt DDDA recently transferred millions to the bankrupt developer to 'buy' flats for 'social housing' beside Anglo-Irish banks illegal HQ on the Liffey.

With legalised inducements in place for local councillors and officials the polluted AIB sports field on Sandymount Strand was magically rezoned for shoebox high-rises.  In DDDA's case they can just issue a section-25 planning diktat - councillors who 'support' DDDA can swap social housing for votes.

DDDA is now apparently trying to grab rights to public lands being used by a local GAA Club.  This issue was highlighted at pubic meetings held by Sandymount & Merrion Residents Association in Sandymount in 2008.  DDDA hides its schemes behind a wall of obstructionism, possibly under instructions from the hidden controllers of Anglo-Irish Bank. 


DDDA plan 'interferes' with GAA land

The Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) has been warned that its draft development plan for the Poolbeg area contains an unfair "attempt to interfere with" a local GAA club's property.

Clanna Gael Fontenoy's pitches border the controversial Irish Glass Bottle (IGB) site which was bought for €412m by the DDDA, property investor Derek Quinlan and developer Bernard McNamara and is now said to be worth just €60m.

The club said: "It is apparent that there are four secondary and one primary pedestrian route proposed over the club's leasehold land. This is an impermissible attempt to interfere with the club's property interests. The club is deeply concerned about such a proposal."

It said the DDDA does not appear to have given "sufficient recognition to the property interests that the club has in the lands" and said it was "noteworthy" that the photograph of Sean Moore Park "has the club's clubhouse airbrushed out and its existence removed and replaced with extensive green foliage".

The club has a 99-year lease on lands at Sean Moore Road from Dublin City Council and also has land measuring more than 2.5 acres alongside the boundary of the IGB site.

"Developers of the lands beside the club… should not be misled into believing that future residents of any proposed development will be able to use the club's playing fields as part of the general green field site," they said.

November 22, 2009

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