July 1, 2010

American Ambassador Interferes in Irelands Internal Democratic Process?

US Football Owner Sticks Nose into Poolbeg Incinerator Scheming.

Once upon a time a lawyer in Dublin, employed by Dublin City Council to promote the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator, had a fund-raiser for Mr Obama, in his Dublin house.

Once upon a time a millionaire from the US Republican party endorsed Obama.  He was rewarded with a cushy retirement job as Ambassador to the Republic Of Ireland.  The ambassador is the millionaire owner of a US football team.

Its reported he will now interfere in Ireland's internal affairs by "requesting" a meeting with Ireland's Environment Minister to put the case for a New Jersey law breaking corporation.  Lies concerning '600 jobs' have been placed in the Irish media by persons unknown.  Its unfortunate the Ambassador, totally outside his control, is implicated by the media.  Unless you read carefully it would appear the Ambassador is claiming 600 jobs will be lost.  The media also spins the absurd picture of sophisticated US investors, often funded from China, paying attention to the machinations of companies operating in the dodgy US waste industry.

The proposed operator of the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator has a record of breaking US laws.  Most US companies do not wish to be associated with such law breaking.  

Just before July The Fourth, an Irish newspaper published a scare headline.  It claims the US Ambassador wants to meet Ireland's Environment Minister and also claims, without validation, that 600 jobs will be lost.

With another Irish Billionaire, the paper is dominated by Tony O'Reilly who traded in Pittsburg as CEO of Heinz Corporation, close to the Ambassador's football stadium.  To celebrate O'Reilly's lucrative remuneration Time Magazine ran a front page cover story on O'Reilly titled "All Gain, No Pain"

O'Reilly's 'newspaper' now claims that 600 jobs will be lost if the massaged and possibly unlawfull effort by DCC is not proceeded with.  This '600 jobs' spiel looks like another barefaced lie straight from the cronies in The Galway Tent, but perhaps the newspaper is making a purely innocent typo.  The maximum number of jobs, chiefly low pay waste-sorting jobs, in an incinerator run by computers and robots is a max of sixty (60).  The number of jobs lost through displacement by the incinerator elsewhere is well in excess of 1,000.  Not counting the possible 300 per year who lose their jobs from premature bad health and premature death from added air pollution particles.  

To protect itself from future Irish lawsuits, including health liabilities from pollution, accidents and other financial risks the proposed operator has established a legally-firewalled company in Luxembourg.

Rooney (Centre) With Bush.

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