July 5, 2010

US Company Investments Are Not Guided by Law Breakers.

US Investors are more sophisticated than the muck-spreaders of The Galway Tent. 

Fears Empire: The promoters of the Poolbeg Incinerator must be desperate as they've now adopted the Bush doctrine of rule by fear.  Ireland's Independent, dominated by a billionaire buddy of the US ambassador, is running scare stories on the July 4 weekend about absurd threats to US investment in Ireland.  The kow-towing Irish Times has published a press release possibly written by DCC-RPS, a common practice, with threats wrapped up in a silk glove.  This type of muck is a disservice to the people of Ireland and to US investors.

The vast majority of US companies do not wish to be associated with any company which continuously breaks the law against ordinary people.  Fine companies in Ireland which compete vigourously with each other such as Google, Facebook, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Pfizer & Apple will never be guided in their honest investment decisions in Ireland by cynical politicians supporting a law breaking US company.  To imply otherwise in the Irish press is basically lying and an insult to the professional management inside honest corporations.

Covanta is a company with a record of breaking laws in the United States and elsewhere, according to the US press.  Covanta seems to have been fined hundreds of times for pollution and abuse of employees.  Recently it appears toxins were spread around California orchards.  Contracts in Orlando (Lake County) and Harrisburg are reported as having reduced or stopped recycling efforts, forced waste to be imported and caused extra costs to local residents of  about $300 million in each city.  It would be interesting to see what is not printed about badly managed incinerators in the US press.  Much of the US press is controlled and muzzled by billionaires such as Mr Zell.  Mr Zell is a lead investor in Covanta ($666 million; 2009), owner of the Chicago Cubs, The LA Times and the Chicago Tribune.

Why would start-up companies which generate jobs or established corporations be guided by a law breaking company?

Covanta's contract-giver is Dublin City Council (DCC), whose hidden officials act against the wishes of the democratically elected councillors of Dublin and thousands of informed residents.   Instructions are passed to DCC from the Galway Tent by Biffo or Bertie.   Judge McKechnie has adjudicated that DCC used undue influence in a process supposed to be in the public interest, and, significantly "massaged reports" meant to inform the public process.  In non-legalise this seems to view DCC as law-breakers.

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