July 1, 2010

Lawbreaking Company Summons Irelands Prime Minister to USA

Is seems the Prime Minister of Ireland, TD Cowen, is being summoned to get instructions from Covanta in New Jersey.   Bada Bing would be the location of choice. 

BIFFO Enters Bada Bing:   Hello Lads.  I'm from Offaly. I can sing any song you like.  
How Ya Doin' Paddy or is it Mick. Welcome to our little abode here in New Jersey.  See this file the NSA has on you.  Now.  About our Rights in your little "country".  Toni here has concerns ...

Covanta has a record of being fined for breaches of the law at a huge number of its incinerators (google: covanta fines).  Their engineer's excuse is that no mechanical system is perfect.

The anti-democratic and secret contract done by unelected insiders at Dublin City Council for the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator incinerator on Dublin's Foreshore may be based on a contract in Orlando at "Lake County" which has cost Orlando taxpayers an extra $300 million.  This Orlando contract has forced the city to import waste to feed the incinerator.  Harrisburg's geniuses were also out-maneuvered.  Covanta's lawyers are smarter than BIFFO's cronies, aren't they? 

The current Taoiseach of Ireland, TD Cowen was at the helm of the Ministry of Finance along with Prime Minister Ahern when "light touch" regulation bankrupted Ireland.  Enforcement of the facade of regulation for the proposed incinerator would be even lighter.

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