July 5, 2010

MKC's Jobs & Investment Big Lies For Covanta's Poolbeg Incinerator

MKC Creates Covanta Spin In Ireland.

MKC-Covanta is a very patriotic entity.  Let there be no doubt about that.  Patronised by New Jersey money.

MKC-Covanta, a deeply-embedded Galway Tent crony, has issued a pack of untruths or even Big Lies using the Sunday Times spin-machine. For example MKC-Covanta uses the Big Lie phrase "objector culture" when "informed resident" is accurate.

MKC directly connected to Ireland's Health Minister, TD Harney, seems to promote private American healthcare companies in Ireland.  TD Harney promotes private health care, and through NAMA is shutting public healthcare to pay for scams in Poolbeg.

Here is one Big Lie from Covanta/MKC:

Covanta/MKC:  "Ireland’s Objector Culture is Endangering Jobs &  Investment"

  • Covanta/MKC is using the fear game it cynically accuses others of, a Goebbels technique.  MKC says it works for Covanta in Ireland.  Why would any lawful American start-up or Fortune-100 listen to "jobs or investment" propaganda from law breaker Covanta?  Covanta apparently destroys recycling jobs.  Covanta is widely reported to have broken American law hundreds of times and has been fined for doing so. 

Covanta/MKC omits significant judicial opinions from the Sunday Times/blog, creating another Big Lie or untruth:

Covanta/MKC:   "A more novel objector species has now emerged closer to Dublin, and concerns the proposed Ringsend incinerator project. This has now been 12 years in the permitting and regulatory process, is being sponsored by the Dublin Local Authorities, and has Bord Pleanala and EPA approvals, and since it is a PPP project it was also vetted by the National Development Finance Agency on behalf of the Department of Finance."

  • JUDGES:  Judge McKechnie in an unapproved judgement in December 2009 says DCC unduly interfered in a process meant to inform the public.  DCC massaged RPS reports, presumably intending to misinform the public, to mislead the alleged '12 year permitting and regulatory process', including the presentation of false information to BP's credible Inspector (overruled by cronies on board?).  In 2010, DCC also settled another case with CRAI concerning further withholding of information: do innocent parties "settle"?  The Department of Finance can't even do long division.  Ex: NAMA making a five billion profit.

Another Big Lie from Covanta/MKC:
Covanta/MKC:   "Multi-national corporations look for certainty, whether it is in the field of taxation or regulation."
  • Fact:   Corporations and job-generating start-ups look for respect for the law.  They take a dim view of law breaking companies.  Covanta is a law breaker.  True investors take a dim view of government regulators run by political cronies: FF has stacked EPA and ABP with pro-incineration directors from Indaver and RPS.  Engineers Ireland, where Mr Pyjamas of RPS is a VP,  with ex-Indaver buddy promote incineration, whilst hiding these connections from the public.   Is that honourable?   Has  Engineers Ireland destroyed its repetition?  Through a blog ESRI, funded by adjudicated misinformer DCC, is supporting Covanta.  Are these Irish institutions an admitted oxymoron,  holy or unholy?  MKCs Big Lie or untruth is to misinform the Irish public by omitting directly relevant information.  Big Lies do not impress intelligent start-ups or corporations.  Big Lies drive away business.

Covanta/MKC concludes with this absurdly huge Big Lie:
Covanta/MKC:   "It is now time they showed the same level of concern for the growing impact that regulatory uncertainty is having on would-be investors."
  • FACT:  The Financial Regulator, a political stooge, wrecked the Irish economy. 

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