July 22, 2010

Covanta CEO Declines to Confirm Poolbeg Incinerator Investment

Covanta's CEO was asked on Irish government radio to confirm CVA will stay with their proposed investment in the Poolbeg Incinerator.  

The CEO huffed and puffed looking for a suitable set of words, thinking of SEC rules and Conrad Black doing time in jail.  The CEO declined to confirm Covanta will stay with the waste-to-toxins project.

Correction:  It was the President for all of Europe, Scott Whitney.  Not the CEO.

CVA: Covanta ticker symbol.
CVA: Acronym for a stroke.  
Particles from incinerators increase the risk of stroke.

Covanta CEO:   Toni Orlando.   Waste industry.
Sopranos CEO: Toni Soprano.   Waste industry.

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Anonymous said...

Here's some background, believed to be accurate.

1) Covanta and its predecessor Ogden have a 20 year record of breaking USA laws, apparently thousands of times. Covanta has been fined for dioxins releases at all its New Jersey incinerators. Google to find out lots more (google news, google-blogs).

2) Honorable USA companies such as HP and Intel do not base investment decisions in Ireland based on evidence from any lawbreaker.

3) Judge McKechnie: DCC used undue influence in a process meant to be in the public interest for the proposed Poolbeg hearings; reports from RPS (PJ Rudden) were "massaged" by DCCs Matt Twoomey.

4) Covanta's PR company for Ireland is linked to TD Harney via her current/former partner. The PR company seems to represents private US health care companies in Ireland. TD Harney - via quango firewalls- refuses a baseline health study for Poolbeg.

5) Engineers Ireland issued a report supporting incineration. EI's report did not state Pj Rudden is a VP at EI and at incinerator promoters RPS (given 25 million euro from DCC). EI's report did not state a report author is an industry consultant paid to promote incineration - tho' they did highlight an older job she had as director of EPA Ireland.

6) During possible operation most jobs will be done by unreliable machines, computers and automation. A few people will have very dirty jobs sorting waste, perhaps 60 jobs max. (In USA this is done by African Americans and the undocumented).

7) DCC paid ESRI to issue a pro-incineration report. Funds for a competing and informed view are not available. Questions to an ESRI blog are arrogantly dismissed.

8) DCC signed a secret contract with Covanta BEFORE either Bord Pleanala or EPA made any decisions. A similar contract in Lake County, Florida (Orlando) has stalled recycling efforts and cost an extra $300 million in penalties. DCC is now holding a gun to Irish taxpayers heads with its Cute Wee Hoor contract.