July 22, 2010

Covanta and Judges

Covanta's Mr Whitney On Judges:
Covanta's Mr Whitney said he could not speculate on the Minister's motives but said 'as a judge he seems to be saying I know you are guilty but I will give you a fair trial before I hang you'.
RTE Government Radio, Ireland. July 22, 2010.

Judge McKechnie:

Judge McKechnie has adjudicated that DCC used undue influence in a process supposed to be in the public interest, and, significantly "massaged reports" meant to inform the public process.  In non-legalise this seems to view DCC as law-breakers.  DCC made a secret contract with Covanta before either Bord Pleanala or EPA Ireland made any decisions.  DCC is now using the cute wee hoor contract to hold a gun to Irish taxpayers heads.

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Covanta & Fair Trials

Covanta and predecessors Ogden have lots of experience of fair trials in the USA.  Did Mr Whitney comment about Covanta/Ogden's 20 year record of being fined by US judges for lawbreaking in the USA? 

Trust US
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