July 5, 2010

Covanta's Link To Ireland's Galway Tent Cabal?

MKC-connected Harney Denied Health Baseline Study for Poolbeg Area, Facilitating MKC-Connected Covanta Incinerator. 
MKC seems to have links to The Galway Tent's PDs, neither of which has really gone away.  Any such link directly places Covanta in the Galway Tent, the institution which created the bankruptcy of Ireland.  Uninformed Health Minister Harney refuses suitable health science as called for by informed Dr Staines at the Bord Pleanala charade (Charade?  See CRAI judicial settlement against DCC on unlawfully withheld information and McKechnie on unlawful information distortion by DCC).

Covanta in Ireland is a client of MKC Communications.   Apparently MKC places spin dressed up as journalism in the supine Irish media.  One of the rags used is billionaire Murdoch's Sunday Times, a once credible newspaper now in the Sun and Fox News camp.

It seems MKC represents private-for-profit USA health care companies in Ireland.  The USA has the worst health care in the developed world with 100 million people in daily fear of falling ill.

Minister Harney is Ireland's health minister.  She promotes private-for-profit health care in Ireland. Minister Harney's recent partner is/was Mr Geoghegan who is reported to have conveniently resigned from MKC (see blog-comment below).  

Manipulating suitable Quango's Minister Harney has refused a baseline health study for Dublin, thus ensuring the public is not fully informed on the impact of the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator.  More importantly for MKC's client the lack of the study helps to reduce any remaining liability for any health harm inflicted on Dublin by the proposed incinerator.  Most of that liability is taken care of in the secret Poolbeg contract signed off by DCC behind closed doors.  

Private for-profit health care companies stand to profit greatly from hundreds of prematurely ill people made ill by particle pollution.  The best thing is nobody can prove the cause because the Galway Tent has ensured science is buried.



  1. jim Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 10:37 pm
    @ Ted..”  In January 2006, Brian Geoghegan resigned from IBEC and took up a position as Chairman of MRPA Kinman. According to the company, which re-branded as MKC Communications in mid 2008 and from which Geoghegan resigned as chairman in October last, it is a consultancy firm that prides itself on its access to government for lobbying purposes. It is led by former PD spokesman, Ray Gordon, and former party press officer and policy director Stephen O’ Byrnes. It counts among its government and commercial clients the Health Information and Quality Authority, a body which was set up by Minister Harney to implement the sort of reforms which Brian Geoghegan was anxious to see - and which his wife is now responsible for implementing”

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