July 25, 2010

Lets Kill Genetically Pure Salmon.

Poolbeg Foreshore Licence Issue

The Liffey has the last genetically pure strain of North Atlantic Salmon (confirm with NASCO)So why not licence a lawbreaking company to control or to not control the flow of hot water and nasty chemicals at the mouth of the river, killing salmon trying to get to the sea? 

Whats Good For Covanta is Good For New Jersey.

The Liffey is the last river in Europe to carry the last genetically pure strain of North Atlantic Salmon.   Science does not know what operation of the biggest waste burning plant in Europe would do to the Salmon.  So lets chance it.  BP can do the scenario planning; DCC can twist the results.  Lawbreaker Covanta can be trusted this time.  We again promise your money on that.

Stuff Not Read in Fagins
The dual nature of the trials of migratory fish from salt water to fresh water and the reverse journey from fresh water to salt water is one of the most physiologically demanding processes in the natural world.   
Anadromous fish which enter  estuarine rivers from the sea have to cross the salt wedge where they must extrude salt so that their blood stream is isotonic with the medium they live in.  The converse is true of catadromous fish: in the case of salmon the hurdle which young fish face when they must leave freshwater to migrate to the ocean.

The processes involved have a huge energy requirement and therefore a huge requirement for oxygen.  The oxygen content of the Liffey at the receiving place is unlikely to be a happy environment with the
thousands of litres of very hot water laced with strong chemicals which will be discharged to the Liffey from the Incinerator proximate to the discharge of water from the next door Sewage works.

The bonuses of many people in USA and in Dublin depend on the Poolbeg Foreshore Licence.  Will Covanta or DCC kill the Salmon?  


Not to mention depleting Liffey water, forcing taxpayers to pay €500 million to steal water from the Shannon.  As proposed by 'consultants' RPS of Shell in Mayo and the incompetent sewage factory fame, and honourably mentioned by Judge McKechnie in DCCs massaging of innocent RPS reports.  

Management Incompetence Example: DCC+RPS.  
The months of March, April and May have been very uncomfortable for the residents of Pembroke East by reason of the odours of the gases fetole, indole and skatole emanating from the same waste water treatment plant. This demonstrates incompetence of operators DCC - their advisors were also RPS (Rottens P1ss & Schiess).  Same 'experts' as for the proposed incinerator.

Covanta must be under financial pressure.  Spin merchants MKC and RPS have  El Presidente Whitney spinning all over Irish radio and in the newspapers.  Jump Paddy, jump.  How high massa? How high?

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