August 26, 2010

Adverse-Possession-Pat-Kenny Spins For New Jersey Law Breaker ( Poolbeg Incinerator)

Patriot Pat Kenny did a pro-Covanta broadcast from FF's Cute-Wee-Hoor-Radio, RTE.     Adverse possession Pat is a totally honest man who unfortunately does not directly enjoy the CPO privileges reserved for the honest men at DCC.  
Undue-Influence-DCC favours compulsory purchase of land ('CPO').  Pat Kenny favours squatting or 'adverse possession' as its known in NAMA-Ebonics.  So naturally he might favour DCC.  Or he might not.  
Pat may also be a paid-up member of Eejits Ireland where waster PJ Rotten is a VP and where innocently hijacked EI issues somewhat dodgy pro-incineration "reports", totally innocently omitting certain pertinent relationships to the incineration industry, after socialization in the Ice Bar.  
On RTE, Pat Kenny apparently read questions from a script supplied to his research team by Covanta's spin company MKC or by RPS's Bambi.  (MKC: Where Health Minister Harney's partner promotes privatized USA health care apartheid in Ireland).  Spin company RPS dresses itself up as an engineering consultant.  PJ's RPS with a "ex"-RPS employee embedded at Bord Pleanála consults for Shell in Enda Kenny and Lucinda Creighton's  Mayo SAC's and bogland-habitats and for DCC. DCC has a secret contract with lawbreaker Covanta.   
  • Pat Kenny did not ask about Covanta's record of lawbreaking in the USA.   
  • Pat Kenny did not ask about Judge McKechnie's unapproved judgement that DCC's Twomey, now retired on a state pension, used undue influence and massaged reports from RPS.   
  • Pat Kenny did not query the role of the Drumcondra Mafia.   
  • Pat Kenny did not mention CPO'd land nor the adverse possession of land or strands.    
  • Pat Kenny did not ask about Covanta's contract in Lake County, Florida which has burdened locals with an extra $350 Million in fees, and stopped recycling efforts by the 'bankrupted' local authorities   
  • Pat Kenny did not mention the US Ambassador telling Paddy to jump.  

Jump Paddy. Jump. 
Yissir Massa. How High?  

Good Man Pat.

    If you don't pay your RTE licence for Pat Kenny's salary you go to jail.  
    If you bankrupt the country you don't go to jail.  
    If you squat on public land you don't go to jail.

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