August 29, 2010

USA Ambassador Strong-Arms For New Jersey Lawbreaker: Poolbeg Incinerator

A Colony Once Again - BIFFO's Masterwork.

It's often said by Americans that the US government is the Washington Office for Corporate America.   Today the US government's ambassador and chief-salesman resides in the Phoenix Park HQ of the previous coloniser, the British Empire.  An American ambassador lobbying for a New Jersey lawbreaker does not embarrass BIFFO.

The Independent claims Biffo is "embarrassed".  Patriot BIFFO is not reported to be embarrassed by reports of a foreign government strong-arming in Ireland for a US lawbreaking corporation.

Nor by multiple Poolbeg business deals and possible scams which have crippled Irish society.  The Indo does not mention any embarrassment about the seven hundred and fifty million Euro the philistine Poolbeg Incineration project would export from Ireland via Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg-Aruba to the land of Tony Soprano.  The Independent does not say whether BIFFO is embarassed by the Drumcondra Mafia's alleged scams such as the Sheedy Affair (see Matt Coopers book & August 2010 Irish Times).  Nor by appointments of buddies to Dublin Port Company in Poolbeg.

Isn't Covanta a repeated lawbreaker?  Don't Covanta's unlawfull toxins violations seriously damage peoples' health?

For some unknown reason at the end of August the esteemed and honourable Sunday Independent is repeating the 'rumour' from July 4 that the US Ambassador is lobbying for Covanta.    

Why did the ambassador, a member of George Bush's Republican Party, get the Ireland retirement job from a Democrat?  What intel from Pembroke Road and echelon can the ambassador kindly share with BIFFO?  Perhaps some tips so he too can win it on de horses.  Or perhaps some stuff of a personal nature on Enda or Der Grosse Schiesskerl Aus Offaly not suitable for the public domain.

The Indo spin-machine used to be 'managed' by billionaires including Tony O'Reilly.   However banks, possibly American, took over the 'newspaper' following bad management of its assets.    O'Reilly worked for years in Pittsburg selling sugary tomato sauce and baked beans, toilet rolls or re-used Indo's optional.  Millionaire ambassador Rooney owns a football team in Pittsburg. 

 IGB: 450 Million.  ZOE: Two Billion. 
 Anglo-Irish 'Bank': Eighty Billion.  
Waste-to-Toxins Incinerator: 750 Million. 

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