August 3, 2010

Lawbreaker Covanta Spins on Illegal Waste for Dublin

Olivia Kelly in line for Pulitzer Prize.

The Irish Times "reporter" has printed another press release apparently taken directly from DCC/Covanta/RPS.  In the press release the head of lawbreaker Covanta says illegal waste dumped in Northern Ireland could have been burned in Poolbeg.  If only Paddy and Mick were not so thick.  The Irish Times propaganda mentions an unnamed "spokesman", ignoring spokeswimmin reporters and the one-eyed transformed into bicycles by the atoms.  As to the identity of the esteemed spokesman, waste-entrepreneur Toni Soprano had no comment. 

In Italy waste illegally dumped by the mafia has been exported to Germany, to finance and justify German incinerators.  DONG's engineer said truck drivers at Poolbeg could be stopped dumping illegal radioactive waste into the proposed incinerator by checking their bus passes, or other ID, or whatever.

It is not known if the Irish Times reporter has received ethics guidance from a Dublin senator expensed from West Cork.  A long way by bicycle. Inside a different black hole.

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