August 3, 2010

US Incinerator Corporation Stiffs Ireland - Its "Not Covanta".

Covanta's Spin Department Denies any relationship to Energy Answers International.  

Yeah Right. Go figure.  Join the dots any way you see fit.  

    • Energy Answers "International"  is in US Virgin Islands.
    • Covanta-Dublin is in Luxembourg.
    • Covanta bought most of Energy Answers.

    Energy Answers "International" has just stiffed Ireland for a large sum of money says RTE. 

    Perhaps Covanta's PR company will issue The Big Lie again that Ireland will lose investment from honest US companies if honest waste-to-toxins incineration corporations from the USA are not allowed to dictate to the supine government of the NAMA Republic.  Everyone knows the honest US Embassy does not have humint nor Echelon-intel to blackmail Der Grosse Schiesskerl Aus Offaly, der Biffo.

    Covanta bought most of the waste-to-toxins assets of Energy Answers inside the borders of the USA in 2007.  Though it dreams of Enron, conveniently the remaining shell of Energy Answers with offices in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands has nothing whatsoever to do with Covanta, and is absolutely not a shell company.  Honestly.  Covanta-Dublin registered in offshore Luxembourg is also a fully honest company.  What tax dodge?  What possible evasion of health-effect liabilities?

    An "EX" EPA-Ireland founding-director was paid to consult for or is it lobby-for Energy Answers Intl.  An "EX" EPA-Ireland director was also  paid to consult for or is it lobby-for DCC/RPS/Covanta.  Covanta's PR company seems to be connected to Irish Health Minister Harney.  A 2010 Engineers Ireland report curiously omitted very strong connections by authors to Indaver, to Energy Answers Intl and to Covanta's proposed Poolbeg Incinerator and to RPS/DCC.  

    All fully legally, and nothing dodgy here whatsoever, at all, at all.  Jump Paddy. Jump.  Yes Massa.

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