August 18, 2010

Labour Double-speak on Poolbeg Incinerator Process? 

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Yes Eurocitizen the people of Dublin did elect a majority of Labour and FG Councilors to Dublin City Council but because of legislation brought in by Fianna Fail - to which you might have some allegiance - all waste management matters and powers have been tranferred to the Manager. So much for Fianna Fails support for democracy.

How about some honesty from Labour?

Labour appears to fully support a toxins-from-waste incinerator.

TD Quinn appears to have taken the scare-story-script directly from Covanta's PR company MKC, a PR company
apparently spinning for US private health care in Ireland and connected to Health Minister Harney.

Then TD Quinn seems to have acted on Newstalk as a mouthpiece for Covanta. Why is Labour supporting Covanta, a company which is reported to have violated workers rights in the USA? 
The Covanta company’s illegal conduct caused workers to lose between 8% and 11% of their annual income in 2009. TD Quinn did not contest the Big Lie about jobs for Ireland.  At best during operation of the proposed toxins-from-waste incinerator perhaps 50 low-wage jobs will go to 'non-nationals' on minimum wage - to remove illegal waste or explosives or radioactive waste delivered by huindreds of trucks.

On Newstalk TD Quinn apparently repeated Covanta's PR spin and Big Lie that US companies will invest elsewhere if Big Lie-X, Big Lie-Y & Z. Covanta and its predecessor Ogden have allegedly broken the law in the USA thousands of times. Since when do honest Google, HP, Intel, etc take investment guidance from a company with a record of lawbreaking?

As a qualified architect it is curious TD Quinn makes no comments about a philistine structure wrecking the vistas and tourism of Dublin, as seen from his front window.

After Judge McKechnie's unapproved adjudication in Dec 2009 on "undue influence" in the Bord Pleanala and EPA processes & massaging of RPS reports by DCC's now-retired asst-city-manager, misdirecting the public, it is very curious TD Quinn fully approves the possibly dodgy Bord Pleanala and EPA "decisions" and claims a lawful process has been conducted, so every Paddy should submit to these great hierarchies (paraphrasing). TD Quinn seems to support the decisions of organisations stacked with political cronies and "ex" incinerator-employees at board level.

Most curious is TD Quinns apparent full support for the blackmailing of Irish taxpayers through the still-secret contract DCC wrote *before* either Bord Pleanala or EPA issued their edicts in 2007. This smells of Anglo-Irish Bank and the systemic importance Big Lie.

Covanta has told Paddy to jump.
TD Quinn has replied: Yessir Massa, How High!

How about some honesty from Labour?

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