August 22, 2010

Covanta Money To US Politicians

Money and other favours given to Irish politicians and their cronies are kept hidden in Ireland.

In August 2010, Covanta has Irish politicians such as TD Quinn and knowledgeable Cllr Tormey putting jobs scare stories into the media.  Meanwhile DCC has withheld information, used undue influence and massaged reports (Judge McKechnie).  A lawyer used by DCC held a fundraisor for Obama in Dublin.  Favouring US private-healthcare companies, TD Harney's HSE refuses a baseline health study for Poolbeg.

A US Republican Party millionaire is also lobbying in Ireland for Covanta - US Ambassador Rooney, owner of a Pittsburg football franchise.  Mr. Obama appointed Rooney.   Billionaire Sam Zell owns the Chicago Cubs and is the largest owner of Covanta stock.  Zell has put the Chicago Tribune, LA Times and others into bankruptcy ("Zell Hell").  Covanta knows how to do bankruptcy.


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