July 3, 2008

Is EPA-Ireland Inside The Galway Tent?

Is EPA-Ireland Inside The Galway Tent?

Environment Minister Mr Gormley ("secretly" says the Indo) met Anne Butler, an environmental consultant hired by Energy Answers/Covanta.

Previously, she was
Director of the Environmental Protection Agency for 10 years
and president of the Institute of Engineers for one year.

(Butler was hired by Energy-Answers-Covanta in July 2007)

Anne Butler.
An Earner.

urrently working as an environmental consultant, she was on the board of the EPA for ten years, and headed up the EPA’s waste division which for the first time regulated waste facilities in Ireland at a time of great change.


Anne Butler joined the EPA when it was set up in 1993 and left last April (2003). She said she was working as a consultant for CRH at a "strategic" and "high level".

CRH subsidiary Roadstone Dublin was drawn into the illegal dumping controversy in Wicklow when hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste were found on CRH lands at Blessington.

The company is in talks with Wicklow County Council and must apply to the EPA for a licence to clean up the site.


Which stinks more?
  • DCC-DDDA's politicially managed Sewage Factory at Poolbeg
or the
  • Revolving Doors between "consulting" businesses and waste-to-toxics companies HQ'ed offshore and EPA-Ireland and Bord Pleanala?

  1. An ex-Indaver employee is with EPA-Ireland.
  2. July 2007/8: Energy Answers/Covanta hired an ex-Ten-Year-EPA-Ireland Director.
  3. April 2008: Covanta hired a senior ex-EPA-USA employee.
  4. Taoiseach Ahern appointed his friends to the management levels of DDDA and Dublin Port Company.
  5. Currently an ex-employee of RPS is on the executive board of Ireland's An Bord Pleanala. This board apparently uses political science to override its knowledgeable and honest inspectors (Cork, Meath, Poolbeg).

DCC has spent 19 million Euro of taxpayer money on "consultants" to promote Waste-To-Toxics incineration. DCC's chief pro-incinerator business consultant is RPS, apparently focused on certain planning matters and legal tick-boxes. RPS is also involved with the Poolbeg Sewage factory (under a different name on the site signage) and also apparently with Shell in Mayo.

The stink over five years from the Poolbeg Sewage factory and the unexplained new payment of €36 million is the prime example of the capabilities of DCC-DDDA. This is the smell of the outcomes of political management. Incinerators do not smell. And like tobacco-industry best-available-excuses you can not prove they compromise your health.

Guns don't kill, Incinerators do.

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