July 18, 2008

Bono Elevated To Galway Tent

"[Bono's destruction of listed buildings] undermines ... the basis of the city's attractiveness for tourists".
Bord Pleanala Inspector.
Before His Execution.

The Purple & The Pinstripe.

The purple and the pinstripe
Mutely shake their heads

A silence shrieking volumes
A violence worse than they condemn

Stab you in the back yeah
Laughing in your face

Glad to see the place again
It's a pity nothing's changed

Four Seasons - The Ice Bar - Brickie Section.

Did you hear the honorable executive board of Bord Pleanala only enters The Clarence using the Revolving Doors? These days Billy Gates can't get a job 'cause the band ain't hiring. But as for friends of An Bord Pleanala'a executive board, the Revolving Doors are always open .... ?

This time the Clarence's bouncer tore off the head of the Bord Pleanala Inspector before he pissed down his neck. The little schijt had said His Holiness Bono and Monsignor The Edge would destroy Georgian Dublin with their hotel featuring Holiness Bono's halo up on the roof.

Holiness Bono is the true saint, not Geldof. Saint Bob with The Boomtown Rats only sang about The Banana Republic, and that was 1978. Bono & Co truly embody the spirit of The Banana Republic and are The Boomtown Rats. Bono's so 20th century, oh yeah. A modern girl yeah, ga-ga-ga-ga-ga.



Senior inspector's strong disapproval rejected

[In Full]


AN BORD Pleanála approved plans to redevelop the Clarence Hotel in Dublin despite a strong recommendation by one of its senior planning inspectors that permission be refused because of its

  • "uncompromising, ominous and overstated" impact on the Liffey Quays. ...
  • "a significant loss of historic streetscape [ which] would undermine the integrity of the Liffey Quays conservation area".
  • conceptually brilliant but contextually illiterate
  • sets an "undesirable precedent" for the demolition of protected structures generally.


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