July 1, 2008

Greenmandering in Dublin

Greenmandering in Dublin South East

According to
The Nervous Little Green Man cycling back to Ringsend from under the green slime generated by his DCC-DDDA's toxic dump on Sandymount Strand, the Dublin South East Area is to be Greenmandered.

To call this a Gerrymander would degrade Sinn Fein to Green Party status. A status consistent with brown circles and shoelaces and people disappearing inside the said brown circles.

John Gormley barely got elected by as little as twenty three 5th preferences in the past two elections. Driving a coach and horses through Dublin South East will remove at least 5000 anti-Gormley votes - that is the 5,000 people who were confidence-tricked to vote Green Party in 2007.

DDDA's empire will then be extended from Sean Moore Park into Irishtown and Sandymount up to Lansdowne Road to bypass the already compromised planning culture.

John Gormley is already under construction on the banks of The Dodder, after apparently blocking public comments on his blog. Another winner for the Galway Tent.

Fianna Fail's John Gormley Under Construction

Hello Suckers
Mr. Gormley might gain some votes in "The Inner City" by providing subsidised housing on Sandymount Strand at "Poolbeg", diddling the taxpayers and benefiting The Galway Tent. As at Sean More Road, the real health hazards of living on a dump will be suppressed as "there is no proof". For each flat priced by Galway Tent estate agents at one million Euro the taxpayer will be extracted to the tune of E750,000, to the cynical green bongo-drums of 'social justice' in The Four Seasons.

Thus the Green Party may transfer Billions of Taxpayer Euro to Big Money developers.
And save the four pyramid-scheme companies, allegedly, who comprise the small Irish Stock Index (Cement & Banks funded by Irish pension plans). The Irish Stock Index includes the bank which transferred ownership of Sandymount Strand to a private corporation and a cement company which created a causeway for its trucks, outside the law (allegedly as per transcripts).

How else can liquidity events occur for flats located on a Toxic Dump beside a Waste-To-Toxics factory? If you know, come inside the tent.


Community Gain - Ripping The Taxpayers
In 2008 taxpayers paid €35,000 to repair the 3 metre seawall breached
outside the law by a cement company. This seawall breach flooded local houses but did not dent profits of the pyramid scheme banks or cement companies, allegedly.

Did the
cement company pay for this repair? Its not likely they eve donated the cement. It's more likely the taxpayers were royally charged for the cement. That's community gain in DCC-DDDA lingo.

And despite the taxpayer millions spent on PR propaganda, DCC-DDDA has not informed the general public about the €35,000. Currently DCC-DDDA is spinning about its absurd Urban Beach - this Big Lie hides the fact that DCC-DDDA actually stole the whole of the real beach at Beach Road.

Furthermore, DCC-DDDA does not conduct, or perhaps more likely prevents peer-reviewed health science about the millions of tons of toxic waste they dumped on the real beach at Sandymount Strand.


Anonymous said...

Thursday October 16 2008

Environment Minister John Gormley has said he supported the decision to abolish the automatic medical card for the over 70s.

Anonymous said...

Greens squeak as the old and cold hit hard


THE best budget joke so far has to be: What do John Gormley and a caterpillar have in common? Answer: They are both Green and spineless.

A tad harsh, perhaps, but as with all humour, it is funny because there is some truth in it.

It was one thing for the Greens to stay silent during the embarrassingly drawn-out death pangs of Bertie Ahern’s premiership. The party held its collective nose at the sordidness of it all and looked away under the cover of saying it would wait for the verdict of Judge Mahon before delivering its own.

Luckily for them Bertie jumped just before he needed to be pushed and the Greens’ gamble paid off.

But not lifting a finger of protest as medical cards went up in flames on a bonfire of spite and incompetence, while those on the minimum wage see a disproportionate chunk of their disposable income disappear with the so-called solidarity tax?

That is another matter entirely.

It took the bravery of a Fianna Fáil TD’s resignation last night to force the Greens to make the merest squeak about medical cards — and even then neither of the party’s ministers dared speak up.

But then Mr Gormley had already gone on the record stoutly defending what most of his own voters see as indefensible, when he talked loftily of how opposition parties were concerned with “parochial matters” rather than thinking of the future of the planet.

Any cutback could be excused as insignificant set against the noble fight for the future of the planet, but the elderly and poor will not appreciate their feelings of disgust and betrayal at the budget being blithely dismissed as “parochial”.

Especially as the Greens don’t seem to be getting payback for their silence from Fianna Fáil with a whole lot of planet saving.

If the embarrassingly empty exercise in political fantasy known as the so-called carbon budget was anything to go by, Mr Gormley needs to seriously think again.

A few extended targets, the odd cycle lane, and a diversion into the realm of sheer delusion with the claim 10% of Ireland’s “road traffic fleet” — whatever that might be in English — will be powered by electricity within 12 years.

Indeed, listening to Mr Gormley, you could have been forgiven for thinking you had slipped into the world of “magical realism” pioneered by Columbian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez as the Green leader spoke animatedly about how our Noddy cars are to be powered overnight by an array of wind farms that as yet do not exist.

And in the same dumb budget that indiscriminately hit the elderly and the poor which the Greens are so keen to stand over, the super rich and their carbon footprint-stamping private jets were let off scott free from the €10 air tax.

The initial Green silence over the budget that battered the old and the cold on Toxic Tuesday was echoed on Greedy Friday when the fat cat bankers were lavished with a blank cheque to carry on regardless.

At least now we know why it took so long to make the details of the bank bailout public — the bankers were busy writing their own rules and ensuring they were as light as possible.

Mr Gormley clings to the belief the Greens will be able to justify their participation in Government with a carbon tax which he insists Brian Cowen has promised him for next year’s budget.

If FF fails to deliver on that, or comes up with something so soft it is meaningless, Mr Gormley will have to prove he does have a spine and walk away — otherwise swathes of Green voters will do the same thing to him at the next election.

Anonymous said...

When ... debate was over, Minister for the Environment and Green leader John Gormley arrived in an empty chamber, having found a fig leaf. He was there to talk about boundary changes in the Sandymount area of his constituency.

John and his colleagues are staying in Government, no matter what. They can already see the fruits of their continuing collaboration with Fianna Fáil - bicycles, light bulbs and yesterday, another breakthrough.

Free monkey nuts in the Dáil canteen.

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