July 11, 2008

The Irish Times Swallows Press Releases?

The Irish Times Swallows DCC-DDDA Press Releases?

The Irish Times now actively participates in generating disinformation, apparently.

EPA Hearing
On the last day of the EPA Oral Hearing the Irish Times reporter seems to have swallowed a whole DCC-DDDA press release. Harassment of a highly-credible witness by DCC-DDDA's legal team was not reported by the Irish Times. Reporting on a submission on World Health Organisation air quality standards - WHO standards far in advance of Brussels standards - was actively rejected by the reporter: 'Health is not my job' (paraphrase).

July 8, 2008
On July 8, 2008 another Irish Times 'reporter' printed more text characteristic of DCC-DDDA press releases. The 'reporters' tune is that when evidence is lacking there is no proof of damage (Sellafield, mobile phones, EMI). Therefore the cause for concern can be dismissed and the public are idiots. That's the Tobacco Industry defence as spun by DCC-DDDA on behalf of a foreign company with a record of lawbreaking. Has The Irish Times swallowed that Big Lie?

Newspapers worldwide are under immense pressure from the web. The Irish Times is heavily dependent on DCC-DDDA advertising and on Galway Tent advertising. By apparently swallowing press releases The Irish Times has severely damaged its reputation.

Irish Times Omission

In July 2008, The Irish Independent
  • reported on secret meetings between Environment Minister Gormley and the Rathcoole Incinerator promotors.
Mr Gormley has since shut down his blog, 'for maintainance'; Covanta is attempting to build TWO incinerators around Dublin at Rathcoole and at Poolbeg, using different names.

The Irish Independent reported
  • the Incinerator company (Covanta-Energy-Answers) was represented by the former 10-Year Director of EPA-Ireland.

In other countries this revolving door between the industry and the policeman of the industry is apparently illegal -Canada, USA, UK.

The Irish Times has not reported these facts to the public, apparently.

If the Irish Times does indeed swallow press releases, is this consistent with The Big Lie strategy apparently used by DCC-DDDA?

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The Galway Tent Blog. said...

The media has made no attempt to distinguish between economists in the ESRI, the universities and some of their own economic columnists on one hand, and on the other, larger bloc of commentators who are tied into vested interests.

Responsible commentators voices were drowned out by the more numerous commentators working for Galway Tent banks, Galway Tent stockbrokers and other Galway Tent business and property interests.

The Irish Times allocated a mere 1 per cent of 2007's hundreds of column inches of budget coverage to its economic implications.

Full November 8, 2008 article by Garret Fitzgerald is at url below; the text above is slightly edited but hopefully maintains consistency with the original article: