July 5, 2008

Environmental Enforcement: Badda Bing

EPA's Piece of Paper licence for Irish Steel in Cork in 2001 will cost taxpayers €300 million.
  • Who drove that EPA ship in 2001?
  • Where's the Revolving Door?
  • Any Energy Answers?

Environmental Enforcement: Badda Bing.

Exotic Dancing Authority.
10-Year-Director Badda Bing.
Waste-To-Toxics (WTT) Contractor.

Tony Soprano, CEO, Waste-to-Toxics (Virgin Islands) B.V., N.V., Pte.
Tony's Cohíba Coronas Especiales is burning up the green fields of Cuba.

Exotic Dancer:

"What are people supposed to do when they finish their contracts?" she said.

Tony Soprano:
Ya gotta put food on the table.
Ya gotta earn.

Frank Vincent:
It's Tony from Orlando.
No, not from Fairchild or our beautiful Fairfield.
This F#*k is the Tony F#*k From Florida, Tony.
Tony's not Gay.
Nobody in Waste-to-Toxics is gay.

Frank Vincent:
Its the Micks from Exotic Paper Authority (EPA).

Tony Soprano:
About the asbestos we accidentally dumped into the East River from a truck ...

F#@k me, fuggedaboutit already!

Tony Soprano:
About the hexavalent shit ... the Chromium Six at the shipyard ...
Can they absolutely prove any cancers?

We'll send ya a licence.
A piece of paper.
A card for geddin de f#*k out of Fairfield, New Jersey.

Reburn, recycle, reuse.
Reburn, reburn, reburn.

EPA-Mick's hangover clarifies itself.
Rayburn, Rayburn, Rayburn.
Rayburn, Rayburn, Rayburn.

EPA-Mick's hangover has gone away.
De Germans, dey never burned nothing, no records burned like, nothing, de stoopid f#*ks. At least EPA-Ireland never creates records. Never!! Now the stooped Germans take illegal radioactive waste from the Naples Camorra - because the papers say its OK. So the Lidl people do follow orders, and that didn't work in the fair and balanced trial in Nurnberg.

Burn the EPA-licence in yer Waste-to-Toxics incinerator.
Biffo's ticko taxpayers will cough up the three hundred million.

Tony Soprano:
About the Waste-to-Toxics plants operated offshore ...

Dis is my concern.
On the last day of the Mick-EPA hearing your GCHQ did an interception in The Gresham's elevators. The Irish-Times-our-shit-sniffs-better-than-the-Noirt-Soides reporter had already effed off on her green bicycle with our press release. NSA says the Conadvantage fat f#*k who never uses the stairs was looking on the last day! for another $50,000 in expenses for certain planning matters.
Loose lips sink ships.

Dis is my concern.

Will I earn after public service?

Tony Soprano:
Welcome to the family.


Googling today? [ "What are people supposed to do when they finish their contracts?" she said. ]

Culture of complicity and complacency http://www.spiegel.de/international/spiegel/0,1518,446889,00.html

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