July 11, 2008

Billionaires' Horses Better Than Ringsend Knackers

Billionaires' Horses Are Better Than Ringsend's Knackers

Billionaires' Tipperary horses are more valuable than wife-beating Ringsend knackers.

Tiny Tipp Incinerator beside a few Billionaires’ Horses: Not Approved.
Huge Waste-To-Toxins Incinerator beside one million People: Approved.


Executive Board of An Bord Pleanala,

Four Seasons Bar.

We've used the best-paid political scientists to pre-approve the Banana Republic's Biggest incinerator smack bang in the centre of a city with one million people. EPA-Ireland will supply the where-else-can-we-earn-a-crust-after-public-service professionals to "monitor" the toxins - they might show up just a few times a year with their jam jar.

The Galway Tent's horses are more valuable than those Ringsend knackers. Sure they are already sick from the local toxic dump and can't prove nothing because according to our PR, they all smoke!! And we killed the dangerous idea of a
human-health baseline study in Ringsend. Especially in Legoland opposite the glass recycling factory where we fired 350 locals to make way for DDDA's empire!

Now then, how do we stop the small incinerator beside our Billionaires' stud farms?

John Gormley:
I can say nothing, in public.
In public, I am restricted by the legislation.
Even my secret meetings with Covanta are reported by The Indo.

John Gormley:
Am I in the tent? ... Please ... I'm not just a Little Green Man ... Please ...

John, we'll get back to you. Now just feed our usual press release to the Irish Times section of The Galway Tent.


Irish Times Breaking News

Last Updated: Friday, July 11, 2008, 15:41

The decision to refuse planning permission for a waste facility plant (waste-to-toxins incinerator) in Co Tipperary has been welcomed by the country’s leading racehorse trainer Aidan O’Brien.


Tipperary South TD Tom Hayes also welcomed the decision saying the plant would have been totally unsuitable for the area due to its scale and potential damage to the local equine, agricultural and tourism sectors within the region.

Lawyers for John Magnier’s Coolmore group had argued that the site was "wholly unsuitable", and insisted that the facility "would be prejudicial to human and animal health".

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Anonymous said...

Dr Martin Mansergh, a Fianna Fáil TD for the constituency, had told the hearing: "If we have to have dirty industry in this country, then a better place needs to be found for it, well away from human habitation and acutely environmentally sensitive activities."