July 2, 2008

EPA Uses Political Science - Not Medical Science.

The EU's newest standards for air pollution are much less effective than the 'disappointing' US standards.

Incinerators are not effectively monitored for deadly PM2.5 particle pollution.

"We know that soot (PM2.5 particle pollution) can cause significant harm, especially to children and senior citizens, at levels well below this standard," said Ed Hopkins, director of the Sierra Club�s environmental quality program. "

By choosing politics over science, EPA is jeopardizing the health of our communities."

"It's disappointing that the EPA (USA) has once again put industry before public health," said Alice McKeown, air analyst for the Sierra Club. "This decision goes against the combined recommendations of over 2,000 peer-reviewed studies, medical and health groups and the EPA's own independent science advisers.
It was clearly based on political science, not medical science."



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