July 5, 2008

Environmental Enforcement: EPA's Piece of Paper

Waves paper to the crowd- receiving loud cheers and "Hear Hears"

EPA's Piece of Paper

While the Environmental Protection Agency EPA issued an awesome piece of paper termed a draft Integrated Pollution Control licence in 2001, it was never implemented by Irish Ispat (Cork shipyard).

How many people in Cork are now dead or have compromised health from the Chromium Six and other toxins?
  • Guess who directed the EPA at that time.
  • Guess which incineration company has apparently hired that same Director to promote their proposed Waste-To-Toxics factories in Dublin.
An "attempt" by the EPA in 2004 to compel the liquidator, Ray Jackson (of KPMG), to fund the clean-up of the Cork site failed, leaving Irish Taxpayers to foot the clean-up bill, which at the time was estimated to be around €30 million but which the contractors claim is likely to cost taxpayers €300 million.

EPA-Ireland has already or will soon issue more valuable pieces of paper awesomely termed licences for incinerators in Meath, Cork and Poolbeg.

Guess who will pay for the 100's of stroke victims or the 50 to 300 premature deaths across Dublin each year?
  • Firewalled American Special Purpose Entities in the Caribbean?
  • Firewalled American Special Purpose Entities in The Grand Duchy?
  • Galway Tent Insiders protected by the HSE firewall?
  • You.
Sources: Irish Times, Irish Independent, July 2008.

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